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) Name: Jayme
2) Age: 15
3) Location: Michigan
4) Gender: Female
5) Hobbies/Interests: Cheerleading, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Music in general, friends

6) Are You A Competitive Cheerleader?: Yup
7) How Many Years Have You Been Cheering? (If you're not a Cheerleader, How Many Years Have You Been Watching/A Fan of Competitive Cheerleading?): 2
8) Name The Teams You've Been On! (If you're not a Cheerleader, Name Your Favorite Teams, or the Teams That Are Fun To Watch): SCHS Saints... and this year most likely the Nitro's (all star team)
9) What's Your Favorite Tumbling Pass? Round off layout
10) What's Your Favorite Stunt? Toe Touch basket toss
11) What's Your Favorite Competitive Cheerleading Team? The Rochester highschool team... They are one of the most talented teams I have ever seen and they could easily compete at the college level... They're amazing.

<3 Jayme <3
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