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It's not just a sport... It's a way of life.

Competition Cheerleading
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Welcome to Hardcore, a LJ Community for Competitive Cheerleaders, fans of Competitive Cheerleading, etc.

Everyone is welcome in this community. This is not a rating community. More importantly, this community will not ask it's members to promote it. In turn, we ask that no one promote other communities here.

We will not tolerate fighting, putting other members down, etc. If you violate this, you will be given a warning. If it happens again, you will be banned from this community.

We ask that once you join Hardcore, you post an entry filling out a survey that you will find below. By doing this, we here at Hardcore can learn a little more about you.

The picture used in our layout is of a stunt group from World Cup AllStars' Shooting Stars. The picture is from www.worldcupallstars.com the official website of World Cup AllStars. We are in no way affiliated with the World Cup organization; we simply used a picture to make our community look pretty. =]

We will change our layout from time to time, using different pictures from different Competitive Cheerleading Teams across the United States. We will respectfully state where the picture we are using at the time was taken from, etc. Keep an eye out... Your team might be up here next!

♥ Your Moderator,


1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Location:
4) Gender:
5) Hobbies/Interests:

6) Are You A Competitive Cheerleader?:
7) How Many Years Have You Been Cheering? (If you're not a Cheerleader, How Many Years Have You Been Watching/A Fan of Competitive Cheerleading?):
8) Name The Teams You've Been On! (If you're not a Cheerleader, Name Your Favorite Teams, or the Teams That Are Fun To Watch):
9) What's Your Favorite Tumbling Pass?
10) What's Your Favorite Stunt?
11) What's Your Favorite Competitive Cheerleading Team?

Thank you for joining Competition Cheerleading!