playmate wannabe (needs2lay) wrote in comp_cheering,
playmate wannabe


1) Name: Amina
2) Age: 18
3) Location: University of Florida
4) Gender: Female
5) Hobbies/Interests: sleeping, shopping, reading, and sleeping

6) Are You A Competitive Cheerleader?: yes
7) How Many Years Have You Been Cheering? (If you're not a Cheerleader, How Many Years Have You Been Watching/A Fan of Competitive Cheerleading?): fourth year
8) Name The Teams You've Been On! (If you're not a Cheerleader, Name Your Favorite Teams, or the Teams That Are Fun To Watch): Mainland High School Freshman, jv, and varisty and the Florida Cheer Gators
9) What's Your Favorite Tumbling Pass? X-out
10) What's Your Favorite Stunt? Heel stretch full down
11) What's Your Favorite Competitive Cheerleading Team? Mine, Florida Cheer Gators
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